MNS Sourcing is a Sourcing and Exporter also with 3rd party inspection company in Bangladesh which working for global Customer . We providing our customers with most carefully and smoothly Sourcing for All kind of Terry towel (A,B,C Quality ), Terry Rags, Kitchen towel, Jersey Clipping, Stock towel, wastage for Fabrics, Jeans cutting, Hard waste, Mixed Waste, Jute waste, Raw Jute, Jute Product, and any other waste item.

We also Exporting the goods to USA, Canada, China, Pakistan, India, Europe(With out GSP) from our MNS Sourcing. We are preparing our self for export to Europe, Japan, Australia with GSP facilities .

We do Provide the 3rd Party inspection (PSI) for your Exportable goods. You can hire our QA Team for inspection your goods with reasonable cost .

We are dedicated for customer to get Cheap price and best product and service .

We are working with Towel Manufacturer, Knit Factories, Jute Processing Factory, Denim Processing factory to get start the order to finished also beside the inspection of goods inline and before shipment. We also working with Freight Forwarder, Shipping line to get good price and best service for customer.

Our QA team which we did get them from the factory where they are very aware for the product, Quality and Factory safety matter and also Requirement of Customer which is varied with customer to customer.

We do have one marketing partner in UK which any customer can contact with our UK office and get the service from there .

MNS Sourcing – Your complete Solution of Import